Children's schoolbag materials which you don't know
Generally speaking, the fabrics for children's schoolbags currently available in the society include canvas (cotton), oxford, polyester (nylon), PU leather, plush fabrics, leather, diving materials, EVA materials, polyester-cotton blends, etc.
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Fabric characteristics of children's T-shirts, how should the fabrics of kids T-shirts be selected?
Children's clothing is relatively single. The more common children's styles include kids T-shirts, kids shirts, and kids polo shirts.
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Spring Festival 2020
We will soon have Chinese New Year and will be out of office from Jan. 20th, 2020 to Jan. 31th, 2020.
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how to clean and maintain backpacks
Backpacks are currently the most frequently used equipment when people go out.If you don’t clean them in time, For a long time, if there is no smell, it may mold. So, how to clean the backpack?
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How To Choose Summer Kids Clothes
When choosing children summer clothes for children, we have a lot of things to pay attention to. The parents' aesthetics will directly affect the children's impression. The choice of kids clothes and materials for summer is very important. So how to make a child look beautiful and comfortable while wearing it.
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How To Choose Children's Swimwear?
Summer is the best time to swim in a year. People who have been suppressed for a long time start to swim in the water. Adults should not forget their baby when preparing their swimsuits! In the other three seasons of the year, the temperature is low. Summer is the best time for the baby to be hydrophilic and learn to swim.Below, let's learn how to choose children's swimwear under the popular science.
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How To Protect And Wash Your Beloved Backpack
A good backpack everyone wants to accompany themselves for a long time. So, considering the issue of protection and cleaning for a long time, how should you protect and clean your backpack?
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What Should Pay Attention To When Choosing Children's Clothes?
Do you have your own selection criteria when choosing kids clothes for your children? Today I will talk about how to choose children's clothing.
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How To Choose The Right Children's Backpack For Different Ages?
The baby has had outdoor activities every day since he was half a year old. When the temperature and sunshine are suitable, you can take him to the downstairs park to bask in the sun and take a walk.How to choose the right children's backpack for different ages?
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What Material Is Good For Baby Clothes
Mom likes to buy clothes for her baby or buy daily necessities. Nowadays, there are many kinds of baby clothes, and the styles look good. There are many materials for baby clothes, including cotton and chemical fiber. So, what kind of material is better for baby clothes?
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What Should Be Paid Attention To When Washing Baby Clothes
Babies are prone to sweating, and their metabolism is fast. They are prone to getting saliva or not paying attention to milk when drinking milk, so they change clothes a lot. What should parents pay attention to when washing clothes for little babies? In order to make your baby's clothes clean, rest assured that your baby will wear them.
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What's The Difference Between A School Bag And A Travel Backpack
Nowadays, there are many kinds of bags on the market. There are numerous bags and backpacks in various styles and colors in the bag wholesale market. So what's the difference between a school bag and a travel bag?
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